Meet Tommy

We searched for a good cause to support and we didn’t have to look far. Proudly we present an 11-year-old boy from our home town Hamont. For us he is one of the strongest guys we know, and we are sure that one day he will be a first-class smuggler!

Tommy and his brother were born early, after 31 weeks. Tommy has Cerebral Palsy. Some muscles have too much tension, others too little. He can walk short distances in his Kaye Walker, for longer distances he needs his wheelchair. His mum and dad made a promise to each other to try to get everything out of Tommy in a way that is feasible and human for him. Every day he must wear leaf springs (a kind of plastic bone), every day he must go the physiotherapist and every day he must practice in a standing device. This to stretch his muscles so that they stay at the right length and with the right flexibility.

Besides these traditional therapies his parents continue to look for alternatives. Unfortunately, alternative therapies cost money. On top of that, all kind of related costs keep popping up (special bicycle, larger car that fits everything, adjustments in and around the house, a new wheelchair every few years, etc.). Luckily, Tommy is a positive boy, he always keeps on smiling. Together with his family, we from Smugglers Path, continue to believe that Tommy did not reach his limits yet. Therefore, we decided to support this little local hero so that he can keep going!